Home adaptations – a lifeline

Last night I came across a TV programme ostensibly about DIY but which in fact was about adapting a home for a disabled person. I was struck how little most people appreciate the incredible difference that home adaptations make to people’s lives.

In this particular instance the life of every family member – mum, dad, two younger siblings – was completely transformed by adaptations to their home and which also enabled the family to continue to care for the disabled son.

How often have Care & Repair workers heard older people say that their quality of life is incomparable after sometimes even a relatively minor adaptation?

At a time when saving money has become the measure of everything (and of course we have to keep on making this case too), we do still need to keep in mind the human cost of inadequate, unadapted homes.

NHS mental health services have been in the news lately with various commitments to giving  mental health equal treatment with physical health.

Most of us would make the point that in real life these are so often indivisible, and what better example than the impact of home adaptations on mental health, with their power to enable independence and living with dignity? [June 2015]