Not reinventing the wheel

As times get tougher and the pressure is on to find yet more efficiency savings, it becomes ever more imperative that everyone learns from each other.

Leading bodies in the health field have grave concerns about the scale of savings being demanded of the NHS. Consequently any housing service that can help to reduce demand on hospitals and GPs is going to be of interest.

This is why Care & Repair England has teamed up with Public Health to publish information about how local areas are delivering home adaptations in ways which are innovative and effective.

It is challenging to admit that systems could be improved, and sometimes processes have evolved to some degree to ‘manage’ demand. This is particularly the case where DFG budgets have been reduced.

However, if we are to make the case for inclusion of housing related help in local Better Care Fund and related integration plans, we have to show that home adaptations can be delivered at a speed that chimes with NHS systems. This means thinking in terms of hours and days, not months and years. It means providing better evidence, embedding in processes, and enabling self help to prevent health problems.

We are keen to publish more local examples, so time to stop hiding your light under a bushel and tell the world about your success. [June 2015]