Safe and comfortable at home

Blog by Sue Adams, CEO of Care & Repair England




Care & Repair England’s contribution to the Government’s Implementation Plan on dementia

Care & Repair England believes that all older people should have decent living conditions and be able to live in a home of their own choosing. Poor or unsuitable housing has a profound effect on older people’s health and well-being. We welcome one of the key commitments in the Government’s Implementation Plan on dementia which focuses on health and care to enable ‘people to live well in their own homes for longer.’

Here is some of the work we do to help make this happen.

Information for older people and their carers

Last year we produced a series of guides for older people and their carers on making their homes a better place to live with a range of long term health conditions including dementia. Each guide advises on what people can do to their home to make living at home more manageable and life easier so that people can continue to live independently and do the things they want to do. The guides also describe the range of alternative housing options and offer suggestions about where to find more detailed advice.

More recently, and with Carers UK, we are developing a guide specifically for carers who care for older people, including people with dementia, on the housing options available aimed at enabling people to think ahead and know what to consider together. This will be published shortly.

Promotion of responsive services for older people and their carers

As well as guidance for older people and carers we work with local partners to support the development of practical housing solutions, particularly for older people living in mainstream private housing. We also promote great local practice.

A fantastic example of this practical help – and a service we would like to see everywhere – is Homewise Memory Matters based in Lancashire. This project supports people with memory loss and dementia to stay at home continuing to live independently keeping them safe and out of hospital and residential care. It also works with their carers to ensure that they are aware of local services including respite care and have a network of support available to them. Simple innovations in the home can make all the difference whilst advice on care, support and benefits ensures continued independence, good health and wellbeing

Sharing ideas and practice

Care & Repair England believes in sharing ideas and practice and is a committed member of the Dementia and Housing Working Group where we focus on the issues for older people with dementia who live in mainstream housing. We want to see a situation where all older people with dementia can choose to remain safely and with comfort at home for as long as possible

[April 2018]