Ideas in action

Sue Adams, CEO of Care & Repair England




Ideas in action – older people shaping policy and practice in housing

  • “I need services that will enable me to stay in my home to the end of my life”
  • “When your health declines you need help with your housing”
  • “When I get to the stage where I need support I need to know where to go”

Just three quotes from older people in a survey carried out in Leeds and which we often hear from older people across the country.

To respond to these, and other concerns from older people about their housing, local older people’s groups and organisations have been getting together to influence housing strategies and deliver housing support for their peers – and the Older People’s Housing Champion’s group have captured some examples in our new Ideas in Action guides, click here

With support from the Esmѐe Fairburn Charitable Trust we have produced four guides looking at how in London, Leeds and Manchester older people have come together to influence housing strategies and plans and in Hackney how older people are supporting their peers to make sense of the options available, making use of IT and supporting digital inclusion in the process.

Alongside this, and again via the Esmѐe Fairburn funding initiative, Elders Council of Newcastle, with Skimstone Arts and Northumbria University have produced Housing Voices – with a film resource pack and report – which can be used by others to engage people in conversations about their housing in later life.

Offering support to each other, providing ways to ensure that peers have the right information and advice and ensuring all older people are not ignored in local housing policies and plans has been a hallmark of local older people’s groups and networks over the years.

The Older People’s Housing Champions hope these examples help to stimulate local action and would love to hear from you if you are taking any local action on housing and ageing.