Off to a good start

Blog by Sue Adams, CEO of Care & Repair England



Off to a good start

With the Summer heat wave becoming a distant memory and the chill of Autumn in the air, it is good to start the ‘Autumn Term’ with some positive news.

Care & Repair England has been working with the Dunhill Medical Trust for many months now developing ideas and plans for a research call on the subject of home adaptations and older people.

It is therefore brilliant to see this come to fruition and for September to start off with the announcement of £200,000 for new research in this field.

As a leading research funder Dunhill Medical Trust seeks to fill evidence gaps and link research with ‘real world’ policy and practice. Their recognition of population ageing as a pressing social issue, and our shared interest in the link between housing and healthy later life made this an ideal collaboration.

What we need now is some brilliant research proposals from leading academics in the field.

With the 2020 spending review not far away, and austerity not over yet, we are all going to have to work harder than ever to make the case for investment in housing adaptations and repairs for older people.

So I would encourage anyone with an interest in this field to look at the Dunhill call and pass it on to friends and colleagues. 

[September 2018]