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Housing Advice

Finding Advice about your housing and care in later life

If you are looking for advice for yourself, a relative or friend, we would recommend that you contact FirstStop Housing Care Advice.

FirstStop Advice is an independent, free service providing advice and information for older people, their families and carers about housing and care options in later life. They also offer useful information for carers looking for support and advice. The service is provided by Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) in partnership with other national and local organisations, and brings together a wealth of expertise through one telephone number and one website to help you explore the choices open to you and access the housing, support and care services you need.

Website information:

Telephone helpline
FirstStop's Advisors are available to discuss your own circumstances and offer guidance on the options available for meeting your care needs. They are experts in all aspects of accommodation, care and support for older people. They can also help you get the most out of this website and explain anything you find unclear or difficult. The Advice Line is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Call on 0800 377 7070

Finding a Home Improvement Agency

If you are looking for a local ‘home improvement agency’ (sometimes called Care & Repair, but also with many other local names) which may be able to help you with home repairs or adaptations click here to find out whether there is an agency near to you.

(Please note – Care & Repair England is a separate organisation from any local ‘Care & Repair' services and we do not directly operate any local services)

Planning ahead for housing in later life

The following guides enable older people with long term health conditions and their carers think through the housing implications of the health condition and make plans accordingly, particularly with regard to future housing needs. There are six guides covering, respiratory, macular and heart disease, dementia, stroke and arthritis.

Each guide advises on what people can do to their home to make living with these conditions more manageable. They also describes the range of alternative housing options and offers suggestions about where to find more detailed information, advice and help.

Click here for

Finding Training

Three self training kits on Housing and Care Advice for Older People written by Care & Repair England and commissioned by FirstStop as well as information about training courses is available – click on the Housing Advice Training option button on the left hand menu.