Other Projects

Care & Repair England specialises in pioneering initiatives in partnership with local organisations, looking to the future and innovating new solutions.

Below we describe a number of our past initiatives.

Just about managing?

Handy Man

Practical housing help with small repairs and minor adaptations can make all the difference to enabling older people to live safely and well at home.

Care & Repair England’s ‘Just About Managing?’ programme :

  • Developed ways of providing more affordable help with small repairs and odd jobs, for example, through involving volunteers
  • Supported older people to influence local decisions about homes & housing services

Between 2011 to 2014 we worked with Care & Repair type agencies and older people’s action groups to trial initiatives in Hull, Leeds, St Helens, Stoke on Trent, Liverpool, Bolton, Wirral, Knowsley and Hyndburn.

If Only I Had Known….

The aim of ‘If only I had known…’ (2009-12) was to enable older people, their families and carers to make an informed decision about future housing, care and support either following hospital admission or where a person had a long term health condition.

No longer being able to climb stairs, use a bath or a standard height WC are common housing difficulties that impact on older peoples’ ability to leave hospital. Practical housing help to adapt or repair the home, or moving home if this is not possible, can therefore make all the difference to the hospital discharge, as well as older people’s quality of life at home.

Housing advisers were located within pilot area hospitals working with patients and health staff to improve the transfer of older patients from hospital to home. They made sure that patients were returning to a suitably repaired or adapted home, or to a different home, thereby reducing the risk of readmission as well as improving older peoples’ quality of life.

Reports about the programme describe the work in detail, demonstrating how housing help improved the lives of older patients as well as resulting in quantifiable savings for health and social care. Click here

In Our Own Homes

Care & Repair England’s ‘In Our Own Homes’ project (2007-09) aimed to enable more older adults with moderate learning disabilities to live independently in mainstream housing.

A growing number of older people with a moderate or mild learning disability are living in homes which they own. Many receive little or no practical or financial support. And some are literally ‘living on the edge’ of a housing crisis as their home falls into a state of disrepair and neglect.

The main focus of ‘In Our Own Homes’ was on encouraging and supporting the planning, commissioning and provision of better local services, particularly for individuals who needed a relatively low level of help to be able to live in their own homes.

A report Living on the Edge sets out the key population and policy trends, analyses current provision and sets out possible future solutions