Planning Ahead for Housing in Later Life

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The following guides enable older people with long term health conditions and their carers think through the housing implications of the health condition and make plans accordingly, particularly with regard to future housing needs. There are six guides covering, respiratory, macular and heart disease, dementia, stroke and arthritis.

Each guide advises on what people can do to their home to make living with these conditions more manageable. They also describes the range of alternative housing options and offers suggestions about where to find more detailed information, advice and help.

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Living Safely & Well at Home 

This is a practical guide to improving your home to make it safer and healthier. It explains

  • how common housing faults may affect your health
  • how to make improvements
  • who to turn to for more information and practical help

Silverlinks is about creating networks of mutual support to enable older people to make informed decisions about their housing & related care. It offers resources for older people to help find out what housing & care options are available and includes practical activities and checklists for people who want to start thinking ahead.