A DFG picture front cover briefing from Care and Repair England ‘Disabled Facilities Grant – a system of help with home adaptations for disabled people in England – an overview’ 


Written by Sue Adams, this practical briefing provides an overview of the Disabled Facilities Grant system in England. It covers what it is, who it helps, who decides, who funds, evidence of its benefit and looks at issues for the future.

It concludes that home adaptations have a critical role in supporting independent living, efficient delivery of health and care closer to home, reduction in delayed transfers of care, better management of long term conditions and the prevention of falls. [Nov 16]

The Disabled Facilities Grant: Before and after the introduction of the Better Care Fund – full report (June 16). Report from Foundations on the role for Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs) in linking up housing, health and social care to enable people to live independent lives. The main findings can be accessed here The Disabled Facilities Grant: Before and after the introduction of the Better Care Fund – main findings (June 16)

Making a house a home: Local Authorities and disabled adaptations: Focus report: learning lessons from complaints from Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) says that people with disabilities are being left for too long in unsuitable homes because of problems with councils’ Disabled Facilities Grants processes (Mar 16)

A briefing from the College of Occupational Therapists about the effect of the Care Act 2014 on the provision of home adaptations for adults (Mar 16)

A set of cameos of local adaptations services and briefings on DFGs in relation to the Care Act and Better Care Fund published by Care and Repair England [June 15]

The long wait for a home Research published in April 2015 by the Leonard Cheshire Foundation revealed that two thirds of councils are missing legal deadlines when it comes to provision of disabled facilities grants (DFGs) to meet the costs of essential home adaptations for disabled people. [April 15]

Time to Adapt: Home adaptations for older people: The increase in need and future of state provision (2009) sets out the key data & issues concerning help with home adaptations as a consequence of an increasing older population, rising disability levels, the growth in owner occupation (particularly amongst lower income groups) and the availability of statutory help. [Sept 09]

Delivering Housing Adaptations for Disabled People is a detailed guide to related legislation, guidance and good practice published by the Home Adaptations Consortium [2013]