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Older people preparing their homes for staying put

Older people are the most satisfied with their current home, are the age group least likely to want to move, and the most likely to have adapted their home, according to a recent survey.

The survey, carried out by BMG Research click here with Care & Repair England found that 82% of those 55yrs and over said that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their current home and 78% wanted to continue to live there as they got older.

Just under a quarter (23%) of those aged 55+ have already had adaptations made to their homes and a further 23% said that they expected to have to carry out adaptations at some stage. The likelihood of already having an adaptation increases with age 17% of those aged 55 to 64yrs have had a home adaptation rising to 32% of those aged 75yrs+.

43% of over 55s say that they cannot afford home adaptations, and 23% don’t adapt because they don’t know what adaptations might be possible or best for them.

When they need information about home adaptations, a fifth (20%) of older people would go to the council first. Asking friends/ family is the least likely route, with just 8% of respondents saying this would be their first step.

The full results of the survey are available online with interactive graphics click here  [December 2017]

Infographic on older people, housing, care and health

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Click here for linked note with more detail about data sources for the infographic  [March 2016]