Manifesto about Housing & Ageing

Poor or unsuitable housing has a profound effect on older people’s health and well-being. Care & Repair England aims to raise awareness of the extent to which older people are living in poor and unsuitable housing. We highlight the impact that this has on older people’s health, and aim to influence change in policy and practice. Click here for our ‘Manifesto – Ageing Well at Home’. [2014]



The Care & Repair England Silverlinks programme is helping to create networks of mutual support to enable older people to make informed decisions about their housing & related care. Older volunteers share their personal housing experience, offering one to one help as well as providing information & advice. ‘Pass it on’ workshops spread knowledge about housing & care options through older people’s informal networks. Here is a brochure about the programme [2014]

On the Cusp? Will housing be part of health & care integration? 

Care & Repair England has launched a new ‘On the Cusp?’ brochure highlighting the critical role of housing in achieving some of the key aims of the Better Care Fund (2) and Care Bill. These include enabling older people to live independent, healthier lives, reducing hospital and care home admissions. It lists the practical steps which everyone can take to help to ensure housing is included in commissioning plans. Click here for brochure [2014]

Home Adaptations Consortium – click here for general leaflet [2010]