Housing, Care and Health

Delivering Healthy Housing University of Birmingham [March 2018]

Improving health and care thought the home A memorandum of understanding. PHE [March 2018]

Unsuitable, insecure and substandard homes: The barriers faced by older private renters Independent Age [March 2018]

Sector showcase – housing and independent living Housing LIN and CIH [March 2018]

Housing and health: Opportunities for sustainability and transformation partnerships  Kings Fund and National Federation of Housing Associations [March 2018]

Home modifications come out top

Of the 4 interventions included in the analysis, the home assessment and modification intervention provided largest returns on investment, both financial and societal, and provided the greatest return overall. [February 2018]

Sustainability and Transformation Plans Analysis of extent to which housing & ageing are mentioned in STPs  Care & Repair England [July 2017]

Integration in Action: Evaluation of Age UK Warwickshire’s Housing Options Service Care & Repair England [March 2017]

Over 25 stakeholders have signed up to a renewed commitment to taking joint action to improving health through the home.

A revised version of the document ‘Improving Health and Care through the Home: A National Memorandum of Understanding’  (MoU) has just been published.        [February 2018]

Public Health England has published a robust, evidence based, Return on Investment (ROI) tool to assist with effective commissioning of falls preventionclick here [February 2018]

Health, Care and Housing. Centre for Ageing Better, a summary of a collaborative workshop [March 2017].

Commissioning Guide for Rehabilitation. This guidance is intended for use by clinical commissioning groups to support them in commissioning rehabilitation services for their local population. It may also be of use to others with an interest in rehabilitation [February 2017].

Falls and Fractures Consensus Statement published by Public Health England  [January 2017]

Home from Hospital. How housing services are relieving pressure on the NHS. [September 2017]

Sustainability and Transformation Plans: Analysis of extent to which housing and ageing are mentioned in STPs. Care & Repair England [July 2017]

Improving Health through the Home. Public Health England [2017]

Quick Guide to Health and Housing. NHS England [October 2016]

Good Housing: Better Health. Published by a collaborative involving academics and practitioners, this report calls for a rebalancing of housing policy so that unhealthy housing is tackled alongside strategies for increasing new housing supply. Main report available here, summary here [July 2016]

This Housing LIN Practice briefing equips housing, care and support practitioners, and public health teams, with ideas about practical actions they can take to reduce health inequalities [July 2016]

Discharging older people from acute hospitals. This report from the Public Accounts Committee challenges the Government to address the scale and cost of delays in discharging older patients from hospital, concluding “Patients and the NHS have a right to expect better”  [July 2016]

Good Housing, Better Health:  This new report from a collaborative involving academics and practitioners, calls for a rebalancing of housing policy so that unhealthy housing is tackled alongside strategies for increasing new housing supply [July 2016]

A number of quick guides aimed at transforming urgent and emergency care services in England are available on the NHS England website.

Developing integrated, impartial information and advice about housing and related care and finance – A guide for commissioners from EAC FirstStop and Care & Repair England [May 2016].

Living Well in Old Age: The value of UK housing interventions in supporting mental health and wellbeing in later life. Meredith Fendt-Newlin, Michelle Cornes, Jill Manthorpe and Jo Moriarty, Kings College London [May 2016].

Social Prescribing – a guide for local authorities, LGA [May 2016].

Making the case evaluation sets out how local integrated FirstStop housing and care information and advice services help to deliver on care and health outcomes, improve the wellbeing of older people and make savings to the public purse. [2016]

The role of housing in effective hospital discharge– a report from CIH and Skills for Care [March 2016]

Health and Housing Evidence issues – three related reports from the Kings Fund. Commissioned by the National Housing Federation these reports from the new NHS Alliance and the King’s Fund focus on housing associations but may have wider relevance to housing interventions.

These three reports cover:-

Health professionals’ attitudes to evidence and the influence it has on decision making.

Developing a business case for health and how the housing sector can go about making it stronger.

The economic case for closer working between the housing and health sectors.

Off the Radar : Housing disrepair and health impact in later life. This succinct report from Care & Repair England draws on new data from BRE and sets out the national picture with regard to the scale of poor housing amongst older people, the concentration of poor housing in the owner occupied sector and the resulting health impact [March 2016]

Closing the health gap – a gap worth closing: How housing can play its part in reducing health inequalities.

Dementia and Housing: As assessment tool for commissioners, Housing LIN           [May 2016]

The Older People’s Health and Wellbeing Profile:  Developed by Public Health England, this tool can be used to examine the health and care of older people across local authorities in England. It enables identification, comparison and monitoring of trends through interactive charts of 95 indicators.