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Since 2014 we have worked, or are working with, a number of groups of researchers and stakeholders including:-

  • Modelling cost benefits of adaptations with Building Research Establishment: Work to model the financial benefits to the NHS arising from preventative housing interventions was prompted by the BRE’s involvement in our ‘Bletchley Day’ in 2014 which brought together. The final report was published in May 2016.
  • Improving evidence on the financial benefits of home adaptations: We are currently working with a number of universities on research plans in this area.
  • The impact of the home environment on independent living for people with dementia in later life – PHD studentship: We are working with the University of Manchester.
  • ‘What works’ Home Adaptations Evidence Review: We are working closely with the Centre for Ageing Better on this initiative. A ‘call for practice’ is being undertaken in partnership with the Centre. Care & Repair England is looking for local areas which are delivering home adaptations and organising services in the most innovative and effective ways for older people. The aim to identify high quality and innovative practice in the provision of home adaptations, specifically focussing on what works well from the perspective of older people. To tell us about your local adaptations good news story click here
  • Bathing adaptations impact on health and well-being (with University of Nottingham).
  • Data driven research an innovation on falls prevention (with Coventry University).
  • Member of the National Falls Prevention Co-Ordination Group (led by PHE): Publication of two documents:
    • Falls and fracture prevention consensus statement: supporting commissioning for prevention
    • Falls and fracture consensus statement: resource pack. See here for detail