Home is important.

It is the place where we spend most of our time and where we live makes all the difference to being able to live independently in later life.

As we get older our home may not suit us as well as it used to.  Using stairs or the bath can become a challenge. Illness or bereavement may prompt us to consider moving.

Talking to someone who has faced a similar situation can help.  Knowing about possible options, such as adaptations or alternative housing can enable people to make an informed decision.

This is why we set up Silverlinks………………..                          

Silverlinks is about creating networks of mutual support to enable older people to make informed decisions about their housing & related care.

Older volunteers share their personal housing experience, offering one to one help as well as providing information & advice. ‘Pass it on’ workshops spread knowledge about housing & care options through older people’s informal networks.

A four year Big Lottery funded Flagship programme will roll out the Silverlinks initiative with partners across England.

You can read our brochure or visit: to:

A detailed evaluation report about the Silverlinks is available here


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