A report about the consequences of COVID-19 for the housing, health and well-being of older people in England


This new report from Care & Repair England  reviews the consequences of COVID-19 and associated ‘lockdowns’ for older people in England with particular reference to their housing, health and well-being, and considers the post-pandemic housing policy implications.

 Three of the important and interrelated issues highlighted are:

  •  The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on certain population groups, in particular older people, those with long term health conditions, and some black and minority ethnic populations (with overlaps between these groups)
  • The disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 in certain regions and localities, especially in the North of England and Midlands
  • The extent to which the central importance of the home as a place of safety and sanctuary has been reinforced, and conversely
  • The extent to which substandard, insecure, overcrowded and unhealthy homes increased the impacts of COVID-19 on their occupants.

As the NHS and Social Care face ever more desperate pressures, an important housing contribution that can help to reduce these crisis demands is immediate, targeted (and resourced) action to make the homes of disadvantaged older people safer, healthier places to age well and, where care is needed, good places to be looked after.