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Health at Home -The Right Prescription. Reducing delayed transfers of care and increasing independence at home for older people through integrated housing interventions – 21st June 2016

In June 2016 Care & Repair England, with the support of Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing (MICRA) and the British Society of Gerontology (BSG), held a national conference in Manchester, Health at Home – The Right Prescription.

Presentations were given by the following speakers which can be downloaded by clicking on the name of the presentation:

The integration innovators – health & housing services in action:

National conference about Home Adaptations and Falls Prevention ‘Falling through the Gaps

In July 15 Care & Repair England, with the support of the British Society of Gerontology (BSG), staged a national conference in London, Falling through the Gaps: connecting research, policy and practice in the field of ageing, falls prevention and housing interventions.

Presentations were given by Lord Filkin, chair of the Centre for Ageing Better, BSG, Public Health England, the Building Research Establishment & AGILE plus commissioners and providers.

Some of these presentations can be downloaded here:

Please find a summary report of Falling through the gaps – our national falls prevention and housing conference in partnership with the British Society of Gerontologists which took place earlier this year.

If you would like to offer further comments or want to let us know of any action you are taking in this area please contact Martin Hodges, Health and Housing Programme Lead at Care & Repair England – details on the last page of the summary. [October 15]


Care & Repair England responds to consultations from policy makers to influence decisions about housing and the related services which affect the lives of older people.

Here are links to our recent submissions:

Housing for older people inquiry

Inquiry to be conducted into supply of housing for older people by the Department of Communities and Local Government Select Committee. Written submissions by 24 March [Feb2017]

NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Older people with Social care needs and multiple Long term conditions

Comments on Quality Standard Social Care needs and multiple Long term conditions


Falls prevention

Older people: independence and mental wellbeing

Older people with learning disabilities

Older people with social care needs and multiple long term conditions

Final Guidance published Nov 15

Preventing excess winter deaths and morbidity

Transitions between inpatient settings and community care or care home settings for adults with social care needs

Final Guidance published Dec 15

Final Quality Standard published Dec 16

Lords Select Committee on the Built Environment

Submission from Care & Repair England

Report published February 2016