We are very sorry to announce that Care & Repair England has now closed*.  

This is particularly sad news at a time of rising poverty amongst older people, greater housing hardship, and increasing inequalities, when practical housing help for those living in poor or unsuitable homes is needed more than ever.

Despite the strong evidence and data about the connections between ageing, disadvantage, poor housing and health, effective policies, funding and action to tackle non-decent homes are all notable by their absence.

  • 78% of the older households living in non-decent homes are disadvantaged homeowners
  • 80% of the homes we will be living in by 2050 are already built, hence the critical role of retrofit in addressing serious and growing health inequalities

Perhaps most importantly of all, the hopes and wishes of most older people to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible, are at best dismissed or at worst portrayed as being based on ignorance or ‘failure’ to plan ahead.

In the context of this challenging operating environment, raising funds for Care & Repair England’s efforts to work with older people, to identify their housing difficulties and pioneer solutions, to highlight the housing experiences and wishes of those who are marginalised, becsme ever more difficult, and it is with great regret that the decision to close was taken.


We would like to thank everyone who has supported Care & Repair England’s work over the past 36 years – the wonderful funders, partners, local home improvement agency staff, older activists, and many others who have played a critical role in enabling Care & Repair England to champion action to improve the homes and lives of older people.


PLEASE NOTE: The closure of Care & Repair England has absolutely no impact on the continuation of local Care & Repair Agencies, which are all separate legal entities in their own right



* Having reviewed all the options available, the Trustees of Care & Repair England resolved that the Society can no longer continue to trade and that, accordingly, steps are being taken to place the Society into creditors’ voluntary liquidation and appoint Liquidators. It is currently anticipated that the Society will enter into liquidation on 5 May 2022, providing no objections to the Liquidators appointment are received.

 There will be no Care & Repair England staff in post from 29th April onwards.