The latest Integration in Action ‘quick read’ brochure shows how offering practical housing help to patients who are being discharged from Manchester hospitals improves the safety and health of older and disabled residents.

Integration in Action: The benefits of delivering housing help for hospital patients offers a snapshot of the range and extend of practical help delivered by housing charity Manchester Care & Repair (MC&R), reaching over 20,000 patients every year through their ‘Home from Hospital’ services.  Help ranges from small but crucial repairs & adaptations, to fast track heating installations and caseworker support to increase income or reduce social isolation.

Uniquely, MC&R’s holistic range of services are jointly commissioned by the CCG and City Council, and the innovative housing assistance policy of Manchester City Council provides a great range of funding options to help tackle the housing disrepair and adaptation issues that can put patients health at risk.

The many benefits include reducing risk of hospital readmission; extending safe, independent living at home for people with long term conditions; reducing falls and other health risks to frail elderly patients, clearly illustrated by the stories told in the brochure.


NOTE- for thoughts on the Manchester innovation, see Care & Repair England's CEO’s blog 'Inspiring Integration'