We believe all older people should be able to live independently and well in their own homes for as long as they choose.

We know that many older people need practical help with home repairs and adaptations and so our aim is to increase the services available that can make living in a decent home possible for everyone.

  • Our special focus is on older people living in poor or unsuitable private housing
  • We work with, and not just for, older people
  • We innovate, develop, support and promote practical housing help e.g. with home repairs, adaptations, or advice about moving home
  • We seek to improve related policy and practice by working with older people themselves to influence change

Care & Repair England is a small, independent, charitable society* which operates totally on charitable grants and donations.

Our Story

We were set up in 1986 by Shelter and the Housing Associations Charitable Trust (Hact) to improve housing for older people and we are still working towards that aim.

During the 80s and 90s Care & Repair England took  the 'Home Improvement Agency' model of delivering practical housing help for older people from a fringe activity to mainstream provision.

Care & Repair England has pioneered and promoted:

  • Grants for home adaptations - including the continued provision of Disabled Facilities Grants
  • Financial help with essential home repairs - including introduction of means tested grants for both larger works of renovation and minor works for low income home owners during the 1990s
  • Handyperson services - innovated this model of providing older people low cost help with small jobs.
  • Impartial information & advice about housing, care and finance - from possible adaptations to moving home options.
  • Housing and Health linked services - an early pioneer of integrating housing help into health and care systems and settings.

At a policy level Care & Repair England has played an important role in development of national legislation that has helped low income older owner occupiers, including creation of targeted renovation grants, minor works grants, disabled facilities grants and community equipment.

It has also helped to secure policy recognition that the majority of older people live in mainstream housing and wish to live for as long as possible in ordinary homes, usually their current home, and made the crucial connections to health and care policies.

*Registered Society with Charitable Status No. 25121R

VAT No: 763 5210 42